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We're used to working all our lives, and volunteering has become an extenion of that. It gives us something valuable to do. Senior Corps.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

The recipients of RSVP volunteer services range from cradle to grave, crossing over all social and economic lines, and address multiple individual needs. Agencies contracting with RSVP are diverse, representing government, nonprofit and health care organizations and complete the circle of service to Josephine and Douglas Counties. It is through the effective partnerships that RSVP affects, Now recruiting and the bridge provided by the RSVP staff, that empowers agencies and volunteers alike to achieve the necessary and desired solutions to our community concerns.

The RSVPs of Douglas and Josephine County have provided seniors in service to the community since 1972. By supporting growth, protecting necessary services and creating industrious partnerships that maximize resources for the benefit of all citizenry; RSVP has become an instrumental part in promoting the skills and abilities of individuals 55 and older. Their contributions collectively enhance the quality of life for our area, increase independent living, continue positive health behaviors and exhibit the benefits of life-long learning.

Douglas and Josephine County, defined as rural communities, are considered to be some of the most impoverished areas within the State of Oregon. The reliance upon volunteerism is acknowledged and supported throughout the health care industry, government, social service community, educational districts, and law enforcement. The supportive arms of RSVP reach into the community through several service categories and in each area RSVP supplies the human resources necessary to accomplish the given tasks requested by a multitude of agencies. Individuals wishing to remain active, vital and connected to the community in which they reside, developing a greater investment for future public development, perform these volunteer services. RSVP provides and/or assists in the implementation of special programs to enhance and/or supplement services to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not 55?

RSVP is dedicated to helping individuals find meaningful opportunities for volunteer service. In addition, UCAN has a strong volunteer force and many opportunities are available for volunteers to serve directly in housing, energy and self-sufficiency programs. For federal reporting under RSVP, we can only verify senior statistics of volunteers 55 and older, but if it's a little too early in life for that, let us refer you to one of our partners who can help. No matter what your age, there is a place to serve, and it's waiting just for YOU!

I don't think I have ever seen RSVP at work? Why not?

The fact is, you have probably seen RSVP volunteers at work many times. Because RSVP volunteers blend into the framework of the agencies they serve, you may not have noticed RSVP specifically, only the fine work they provide.


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