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Eating Healthier

Healthy eating leads to all sorts of great outcomes. Your overall health improves. You lose unneeded pounds. Your sleep improves. Even your memory can improve. We can help you increase the amount of healthy food you and your family consume each day.

What We Offer

Feeding Umpqua, our Douglas County Food Bank, offers different services to promote healthy eating. We invite you to join us for:

Food demos
Grocery stores carry many veggies and fruits that few people know how to prepare. What do you do with a rutabaga? What about kiwi berries? We offer demos at our Mobile Pantry, and also post videos showing food prep. When we offer food demos in person, we sometimes provide recipes you can take home after the demo to practice making your own healthy meal.

Cooking Matters
We offer Cooking Matters classes from time to time. Our volunteer chefs offer lessons on cooking skills and how to prepare a meal. They are usually joined by another volunteer who offers info on nutrition and how to budget for food. You even go on a tour of a local grocery store to see how best to shop for healthy foods.

We offer classes to up to 12 students. Classes are for 6 weeks, two hours per week, and are usually held in the evening. You get to make something healthy every class, like baked flaked fish or breakfast burritos. We often provide childcare as well.

Food Hero @ The Farmers’ Market
We offer your children fun activities while they learn about nutrition, food and health. We also provide your family tasty food and give you a recipe so you can make something yummy, like blueberry cobbler. You can join in the fun either at the Umpqua Valley or Canyonville Farmers’ Markets. The program runs for about 13 weeks in the summer.

To Qualify

Anyone can enjoy our food demos!

Cooking matter classes have an income requirement, so you’ll want to check with us to see if you can take a class.

Any family with children can join in the Food Hero @ The Farmers’ Market fun!

Signing Up

The only one of these services you need to sign up for is Cooking Matters. We announce new classes on our Feeding Umpqua’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Connect with us there to see when the next class is offered.