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Family Services

If you need Family Services, we have programs for you.

To best understand what program you might want, ask yourself:

Would you like to have your child ready to succeed once they get to kindergarten? Are you looking for child care? If so, our Head Start program might be a good program for you.

Do you want to improve your family’s health, in part by improving your diet and the diet of your children? If so, our WIC program could be a good fit.

Do you want to learn more about nurturing your child and strengthening your family? Do you want to better address your children’s health issues or are you interested in learning more about breastfeeding? If so, our home visiting programs might help you.

You may qualify for more than one program. If you would like us to help decide which program would best meet your needs, please complete the Program Referral Form. We will get back in touch with you and discuss options.

Head Start

Head Start provides classes for young children and pregnant women. In our classes, your children learn the skills they need to succeed when they start kindergarten. Your children learn everything from resolving conflict to working in groups. Your children also learn early math, language and physical skills.


WIC can help you or your family’s health in many ways. Our WIC program provides:
  • Free WIC foods
  • Info on healthy eating
  • Breastfeeding info and help
  • Health checkups
  • And much more.

Home Visiting

UCAN offers you two home visiting programs. Our Nurse Home Visiting program can help you if you have children that have healthcare needs. Our Healthy Families Program can help you if you want to further nurture the bonds you have with your children and the rest of your family.

Other Support

As we have a limit on how many families we serve in our home visiting programs, you may want to seek more support from other resources. The links below can help you learn about other programs that can help your family in Douglas and Josephine County.