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Home Visiting

Through our home visiting programs, eligible pregnant women, families with young children and families with children with special health needs receive home visits from UCAN staff.

What We Offer

Our home visiting programs can offer you:

Support for health and healthcare:

  • Help with getting in to see your doctor, dentist, and other health care workers
  • Help making sure your medical staff are best meeting your child’s needs
  • Health education
  • Check on your depression risk

Services to strengthen your family:

  • Help so that you are closer with your children and other family members
  • Education about ways to deal with stress
  • Parenting education

Support for better nutrition:

  • Nutrition checkups
  • Info and help with breastfeeding

Support for your child’s healthy growth:

  • Weight checks
  • Info on how children grow and change
  • Check on your child’s development

Help with planning your family:

  • Info on birth control
  • Support for making decisions about family size and spacing between children

Other supports, including:

  • Help with planning personal and family goals,
  • Referrals to other services,
  • Family safety education, and more!

To Qualify

Neither of our home visiting programs has an income requirement.

Healthy Families and Nurse Home Visiting can both start services when mom is pregnant. Once Healthy Families starts services, you can continue receiving them until your child turns three. Nurse Home Visiting can serve children through age 20, depending on the child’s health condition.

Our Process

1. Most families we work with come from referrals. You can also make a referral for your own family using the online referral form.

2. We have no applications for these programs, and you don’t need to give us any documents for us to enroll your family.

3. If we get a referral, we will contact you to see if you would like to receive our services.

Locations for Home Visiting

We provide services to you in your home, or, when needed, over the phone. We offer Healthy Families in Douglas, Klamath and Lake County. We only offer Nurse Home Visiting in Douglas County.

Other Support

As we have a limit on how many families we serve in our home visiting programs, you may want to seek more support from other resources. The links below can help you learn about other programs that can help your family in Douglas and Josephine County.