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Holding a Food Drive – UCAN Feed Umpqua, too!

Steps for Holding A Food Drive

Woman in food pantry holding a sign that says Please Give

  1. Select a leader or create a leadership committee
  2. Set a goal for how much food you want to collect.
  3. Set a specific start date and finish date for your food drive.
  4. Obtain an official commitment from the place you want to hold your drive.
  5. Contact us at (541) 492-2126 so we can be make arrangements to provide you with food collection barrels and be ready for your donation:
  6. Get the word out about your food drive.
  7. Host the food drive.
  8. Acknowledge the work of those who help with the food drive.

Some ideas for making your food drive a big success include:

  1. Hold an event with your food drive. Require admission to be a bag of food.
  2. Offer rewards for people donating food.
  3. In work settings, challenge departments to compete against each other for the most food collected. See if you can get your company to match employees’ contributions. Try to get senior management involved. Track food donated in a public area. Put totals posted in high use areas like break areas.
  4. Make it fun!