New Rent and Utility Help Is Available Through UCAN

If your household in Douglas or Josephine County has lost income due to the Covid-19 crisis and your household is at or below 80% of the Average Median Income, you may qualify for rent and utility help. Up to 6 months of rent, including past due rent back to April 2020, may be available. If you qualify, rent payments will be made to your landlord. Utility payments will be made to your utility.

To see if you qualify for funds, please leave one detailed message with clear contact information by calling:

Douglas County residents:

Rental Support (541) 672-5392
Energy/Utility Support (541) 672-3421

Josephine County residents

Rental Support (541) 956-4050
Energy/Utility Support (541) 956-4050

To determine if you qualify for help, you will need to provide information about your income.

We will process requests in the order calls are received. Funds are limited.