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For nearly 40 years, the UCAN Food Bank has provided food to those in need throughout Douglas County. We play a key role in a vast network of agencies that address hunger every day. Providing food will always be an essential part of our work, but we do so much more. Instead of a name that created a one-dimensional perception of our work, we needed something that would embrace all of the things we do. A new name which reflects how the community’s support has led us to become more than a distribution center. We are a team whose core mission is to ‘fight hunger and feed hope.’ The UCAN Food Bank is proud to announce its new name: Feeding Umpqua.

This new name now ties together the varied services that Feeding Umpqua has been offering for years. On a daily basis, we continue to provide food to our nearly 50 partner agencies. Almost every week we run a mobile food pantry, the Outpost Mobile Food Center, which visits some of the most remote locations in our county. Every month we provide cooking and nutrition education courses and demonstrations for families so they can learn to cook, shop better on a budget and feel healthier. As a continued participant in the Blue Zones Food Policy Committee, our team has engaged in community-wide efforts to improve healthy eating and living. We are also beginning work to engage and mentor families with application assistance services for those eligible for SNAP benefits. Lastly, our team continues its on-going role in essential advocacy work to help make policy changes to improve the lives of those affected by homelessness, poverty, and systemic oppression. Our logo now has a root vegetable to reflect our everyday work pursuing the root causes of hunger – the work that fundamentally connects us to our parent organization, United Community Action Network.

Over the next couple of months, you will see our new name and logo on our trucks, on signage, and in our marketing and promotional materials. We were so lucky to have AHM and Dick Baltus help us with this journey to rediscover how to connect with our partners, our donors, and the greater community of Douglas County. From everyone at Feeding Umpqua, we thank you all for your interest and your continued support.