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Key Poverty Fighters

UCAN is one of about 1,000 community action agencies found in the United States. Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are non-profit and public organizations established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to fight America's War on Poverty. Community Action Agencies help people to help themselves exit poverty. CAAs are a primary source of direct support for the more than tens of millions people who live in poverty in the United States. The majority of CAA program participants are extremely poor, with incomes below 75 percent of the federal poverty level.

Arm-in-Arm in the Communities We Serve

Through collaborations and partnerships, CAAs serve as the backbone of local human service systems. CAAs listen to the needs of those served, their communities and partner human service agencies. CAAs prepare needs assessments that include input from low-income communities, other community members and partners. CAAs are overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of at least one-third members from the low-income community. CAA Boards also include public officials and other community representatives.

Essential Services

Because each CAA is responsive to its own communities' needs, each provides a different mix of services. Common services provided by CAAs include:

  • Community coordination
  • Education
  • Food and nutrition
  • Family development
  • Income management/budget training
  • Transportation
  • Housing

UCAN offers all of these services and more through its umbrella of programs.