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Head Start

Head Start at United Community Action Network

Our Head Start program supports the growth of children ages 3 and 4 through services centered around early learning, children’s growth, health, and family well-being. Our staff are active in working with you, because we know that children do best when their families take part in the entire program. Our program offers you and your child quality services in safe and healthy settings that prepare your child for school and life.


Head Start provides classes where your children learn the skills they need to succeed later in life. We teach your child everything from settling conflicts to working in groups. We also build early math, language and physical skills.

Head Start also provides your child:

  • Dental checkups,
  • Screenings to see if they have special needs,
  • Vision and hearing checkups,
  • Busing to centers (depending on where your child lives),
  • Healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches.

Throughout the program, you receive help to best support your child. You and your child can attend fun family events. You can learn to lead by joining our Policy Council. The Policy Council meets every second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at 280 Kenneth Ford Drive, Roseburg.

To Qualify

Your child can obtain our Head Start services if:

  • Your child is three or four years old,
  • Your family meets income guidelines (there are times when even if you don’t, your child can still qualify), and,
  • You live in Douglas County (if you live in Josephine County, we have info below for other resources).

We do keep a wait list, but we work to get your child in the program all year long. If you are not sure if your child qualifies, please contact us at (541) 673-6306. We are happy to work with you to see if we can get your child enrolled.

Our Process

1. You can apply throughout the year.

2. Once you apply, we give you a call.

3. We set up a time to meet.

4. When we meet, items we need to review are:

After the meeting, we mail you a notice, letting you know your child is on our waitlist.

Where We Offer Classes

We have centers for Head Start children in:

We also have a center in Glide for a similar early learning program.

If You Live In Jospehine County

You can receive Head Start services from Southern Oregon Head Start. To learn more, click here.