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You Can Help

In Southwest Oregon

There are many ways that you can get involved to help UCAN achieve its mission.


Through your voice and your actions, you can help those who face economic challenges. The first step in doing so is to learn the facts.

Once you’ve learned the facts, educate others and raise awareness. You can start by sharing facts with your family and friends. You can share information with members of your church, clubs you belong to, at community centers, etc. Better yet, connect with others in your community interested in increasing opportunities, and work together to get the word out.

Donations are the most effective way to support all of our essential services. They go right back into the community to help our neighbors!

Support Feeding Umpqua

Our service region has some of the highest rates of food insecurity in the State. Donating money directly to Feeding Umpqua is a great way to address hunger in Douglas County.

You can also reduce hunger in your community by donating food to Feeding Umpqua. To do so, just stop by Feeding Umpqua’s warehouse during regular business hours and we’ll meet you to pick up the food.


Want to connect with others? Want to give back something to your community? Have skills that can improve the lives of others?

UCAN is a great place to volunteer! With over a dozen different social, health and education programs, opportunities abound. You can do everything from helping to decrease hunger to improving access to healthcare.


UCA helps build the capacity of local organizations by strengthening volunteerism. At the same time, UCA supports efforts aimed at improving:

  • education,
  • economic opportunity,
  • health and
  • disaster preparedness.

UCA also focuses on environmental stewardship.

AmeriCorps Seniors Program

Join over 200,000 seniors who are volunteering across the country as members of AmeriCorps Seniors. If you are 55 or older, this is a terrific opportunity for you to stay active in your community, meet other service-minded individuals, and share the skills you’ve developed over the years.

This provides many different types of opportunities for you to lend a hand locally. You might help address hunger or help folks obtain the health insurance that best meets their needs. You might support the work of a food pantry or help a local tax-aid program.

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