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AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps Seniors at United Community Action Network

Join over 200,000 seniors who are volunteering across the country as members of AmeriCorps Seniors. If you are 55 or older, this is a terrific opportunity for you to stay active in your community, meet other service-minded individuals, and share the skills you’ve developed over the years. While you’re volunteering, you enjoy the good feeling that comes from helping others less fortunate than you.

RSVP provides many different types of opportunities for you to help. We are especially interested in those who would like to:

  • Help local residents complete their taxes,
  • Support folks turning 65 and those already on Medicare so they can best choose a Medicare plan,
  • Protect local residents from scams and fraud.

Our program allows you to set the number of hours you’d like to help, and schedule your volunteer work when it is most convenient to you. You can even volunteer at specific events, if you don’t have time to commit to regular volunteering. We have many opportunities that allow you to help out from the convenience of your own home.

As a volunteer for AmeriCorps Seniors, you’ll:

  • Receive an orientation to UCAN and AmeriCorps Seniors,
  • Obtain special training for most volunteering opportunities,
  • Take part in monthly meetings with program staff and other volunteers,
  • Participate in a volunteer recognition event.

Key Opportunities

Here are three great ways you can help!

Medicare Support

As a Medicare Support volunteer, you provide the info folks need in order to make their best decision for their Medicare coverage. You coach and counsel to help others select their plan and enroll in coverage. In doing so, you help folks pay the right amount for the right coverage. And you help folks live longer, healthier lives.

Tax-Aid Volunteer

The IRS often owes refunds to low-income workers. But many don’t know to ask for the credits they deserve. As a Tax Aide volunteer, you either work with folks to help them fill out their tax forms, or you process the forms for them. Either way, you not only bring much needed money back to those who need it the most, you increase the amount of money supporting your local economy.

Scam/Fraud Prevention Volunteer

With about 15% of Americans reporting that someone in their household has been the victim of a scam, scams are the 4th most common crime affecting households. Low-income folks and those with less education are most likely to be victims, and are often left with little after the scam or fraud occurs. Help protect our communities from this growing problem by offering outreach and education to prevent common scams and fraud schemes.

We’d love to have you join our team of dedicated volunteers! If you’d like additional information, please contact us at (541) 492-2102 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4472 in Josephine County.