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Payee Services

Our Payee Service Program manages Social Security benefits when folks have trouble doing so. We make sure that we use their funds to pay off bills when due, prevent fraud, and help people plan for their future.


We are able to offer you a narrow range of services through this Program, which include:

  • Creating your own budget,
  • Paying your bills on time,
  • Protecting you against fraud,
  • Helping you plan for the future,
  • Working to help you save money,
  • Creating plans to pay off your debt while making sure your basic needs are met.

This Program does not allow us to:

  • Use UCAN funds to pay off your bills,
  • Buy items for you,
  • Take you places,
  • Fill out forms for you for other benefits or services.

To Qualify

To receive this service, you must:

  • Live in Douglas County,
  • Receive a benefit from Social Security,
  • Have a local partner agency refer you to us.

Our Process

1. After an agency refers you to us, we apply to become your payee. This process can take two-six months.

2. Once approved to serve as a payee, we set up a payee checking account that only our staff use. You do not use this account.

3. Social Security direct deposits benefits into this account.

4. We set up a schedule of monthly bills, and pay them when they are due.