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Caring for our Communities

Caring for Community Members

We welcome folks seeking services at UCAN. We establish caring relationships so people feel comfortable letting us know about themselves. We treat each person with dignity and listen carefully to best understand each person and their personal goals. We use an equity lens to sharpen our ability to meet needs in ways that affirm each person’s culture.

We focus on each person’s strengths, skills and abilities. Our work is led by hope. It is led by an understanding that all people grow. Most importantly, it follows the path that each individual sets forth for themselves.

Caring for Our Communities

We offer an array of human, health and education services to help build strong communities throughout our service region. We are strategic in establishing services when our communities need us, and in ending services when it makes sense for others to step in, or a need no longer exists. You can view our most recent Needs Assessment here.

Our staff serve on many local, regional and state committees and coalitions. Through our presence, we advocate for what our communities most need. Local partnerships allow us to share funding, share other resources, and share our expertise. Moreover, we offer AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programming, providing members who serve many sites throughout our region.