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Are you confused by all the different Medicare Plans available to you? Do you want to learn more about Medicare in general? Our AmeriCorps Seniors program has trained volunteers who can help you learn the basics about Medicare.

What We Offer

Our volunteers can:

  • Review your current benefit plan with you.
  • Assist you so you can make an annual informed decision.
  • Help you learn what has changed with benefits available to you each year.
  • Find drug plans to choose from that fit your current health needs.
  • Search for cost savings for you!

While we can coach you about different plans, you make your own choice and enroll in the plan that best meets your needs.

To Qualify

You may get this service if:

  • You are a resident of Douglas or Josephine County.
  • You are nearing age 65 or are already on Medicare.

We offer this service no matter what your income is.

Our Process

1. Start by giving us a call and leave a voice message to request a time to meet. In Douglas County please call (541) 492-2102. In Josephine County, you can reach us at (541) 956-4472.

2. We will call you back and set up the meeting for you and the volunteer.

3. We mail you an information packet prior to your appointment.

4. We meet with you one-on-one or over the phone, and walk you through the packet so you learn more about Medicare and various plans.

5. If we have local trainings coming up, we will share that info with you as well.

When you meet with the volunteer, you will need:

You can also start learning more about Medicare by going to: