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Housing and Homeless Services

Our Housing and Homeless Service Program offers one-on-one, private support to help folks obtain or remain in stable housing. We serve those who currently lack housing or are at-risk of losing housing. We also have a small number of low-cost housing units which are available to low-income folks.


We tailor our services based on what you most need. Be aware that as local needs always exceed our resources, we have limits on what we can offer. Services we might be able to offer, depending on your housing issue and our funding, include:

  • Help paying for rent, move-in costs, and mortgage bills,
  • Support working with your landlord,
  • Help removing hurdles to getting housed,
  • Daily shelter and shelter during extreme weather events,
  • One-on-one support so you are better able to get housing and stay housed,
  • Classes to learn about how to be a good tenant,
  • Low-cost housing.

To Qualify

Whether you can obtain a service depends on many factors. These include:

  • Housing status. Almost all services are only offered if you lack housing or are at-risk of losing your housing. Only our low-cost housing may be available even if you are stably housed, but this housing is only available to low-income folks.
  • Where you live. All of our low-cost housing is in Douglas County. We offer other services in both Douglas and Josephine County.
  • Your place on waiting lists.
  • Weather. Our extreme weather shelters only operate on days when it’s really cold.
  • Extra Needs. We reserve some of our services for people with extra needs, such as those with a mental illness, etc.
  • Income. Some services have income guidelines.

Our Process

We have different ways we work with you based on what your needs are.

If you need low-cost housing:

1. Call us at (541) 492-3510.

2. We collect some basic info after you contact us, and place you on our waiting list.

3. Upon reaching the top of the waitlist, we contact you to see if you still want a housing unit.

4. If so, you apply for that unit.

5. We see if, based on your income and other factors, you qualify.

6. If you qualify, we go over our lease with you.

7. After signing our lease, we give you your keys and prepare you for move in.

If you need shelter:

1. If you lack housing and need shelter due to extreme weather, you can just come to the shelter when it opens. We put out notices to let you know when a shelter opens, and where to find the shelter.

2. If you lack housing and need regular shelter, in Douglas County call us at (541) 671-6549 or come to our office at 948 SE Mill Street in Roseburg between 8am and 4pm. In Josephine County, call us at (541) 956-4050. We see if there are any beds in our shelter serving your county. If not, we place you on our wait list. When a bed opens up, we contact you to see if you still need a bed. If so, we have you come down to provide more info, and have you sign a guest agreement.

If you lack housing or are at-risk of losing your housing, and need help: i) paying housing costs (rent, move-in fees) or ii) addressing issues that stop you from getting housing:

1. In Douglas County, call (541) 672-5392. In Josephine County call (541) 956-4050.

2. We set a time to chat about your initial needs.

3. In some cases, one of our caseworkers meets with you one-on-one.

4. In these cases, our caseworkers can help you figure out what your needs are and how to move forward to best meet them.

5. Caseworkers can connect you to the services you need, and get resources so you can move forward toward staying or getting housing (keep in mind that supplies are limited).

6. If you need help paying for housing, we see if we have funds to help make payments. If so, we see if you qualify for help with payments.

From time-to-time, we offer Rent Well classes that can help you become a better tenant and obtain housing.

We post info when we are able to offer a class. The info includes how to sign up for the class.

Low-Cost Housing

If you are looking for low-cost housing, we recommend getting on the waitlists for any housing you might qualify for, as most landlords have long waiting lists. If you are looking for low-cost housing, other agencies that offer this type of housing include: