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Get Your Taxes Prepared and Filed

We can help you with your taxes! Trained members of our AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP volunteer team, along with AARP Foundation, provide free tax help. Our goal is to make sure that you get back everything the law allows.

What We Offer

We can prepare both your federal and state tax returns. When we do so, we look to see what tax credits you qualify for to lower your taxes or to add to your refund. We also file taxes electronically for you. This will bring your refund to you more quickly! When we aren’t preparing and filing taxes, we may be able to answer your tax questions in the off season.

To Qualify

We offer this service to assist folks who are either low- or moderate incomes and to all ages, whether filing single or joint. We are only able to offer this service for certain types of tax forms. To verify please call us for more details on our tax lines.

You can obtain this service if,

  • You live in Douglas or Josephine County.

The Process

1. Our volunteers are able to help prepare and file taxes from February 1-April 15.

2. To start, give us a call and leave your message:

3. Our volunteer will give you a call back to set up a time and provide instructions for your meeting.

4. When the time comes, our volunteer will take your documents and scan them in, returning them to you to keep for your records.

5. We’ll set a time for a second meeting to have you sign your return and provide you with your copy of the filing.

6. You will be able to track your return if you are getting a refund. For state tax refunds, go here. For federal tax refunds, go here.

When it’s time to meet, please bring the following:

To receive a direct deposit refund, bring a blank check (not a deposit slip).