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Tax Aide

Our Tax Aide program helps folks take care of their taxes. While our trained volunteers prepare taxes, they search for tax credits that are available to low-income, working families. These credits often exceed the amount of taxes due, so many folks get money back. This money helps power the economies of Douglas and Josephine County.


We can prepare both your federal and state tax returns. When we do so, we look to see what tax credits you can get to lower your taxes or add to your refund. We also e-file taxes so you get your refund quickly!

To Qualify

We offer this service mostly if you have an income below a certain amount. We offer the service to you whatever your age, and whether you are filing singly or jointly. We are only able to complete and file certain types of tax forms. To learn what tax forms we can prepare, please call us for more details. We offer this service if you live in Douglas or Josephine County.

The Process

1. Our volunteers prepare and file taxes from February 1-April 15.

2. To start, give us a call and leave your message:

3. A volunteer gives you a call back to set up a time to meet.

4. At the meeting, the volunteer takes your records, scans them, and then returns them to you.

5. The volunteer prepares your taxes based on the info you give to them.

6. We set a time after the taxes are prepared so you can sign your return. We give you a copy of your return for your records.

You can track your return if you are getting a refund. For state tax refunds, go here. For federal tax refunds, go here.

When it’s time to meet, we will need:

To receive a direct deposit refund, you need to bring a blank check (not a deposit slip).