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Veteran Services Program

If you are a veteran, we can provide a number of services to you that will help you stay housed or obtain housing. This program is called Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides the funds for this program. We receive them from our partner ACCESS. We have limited resources for this program, but will try our best to meet your needs if you qualify.

What We Can Do for You in SSVF

Some of the services we may be able to offer to you include:

  • Help you access our services,
  • Assess your needs,
  • Develop a plan to meet your needs,
  • Refer you to services,
  • Help you get your VA, Social Security and other benefits,
  • Provide some financial aid (depending on your needs),
  • Help you to get or stay housed
  • Provide a kind ear and safe space to talk about your problems

To Qualify

You can receive these services if:

  • You or your spouse are veterans
  • Your income is less than a certain amount,
  • You either do not have a home or are at risk of losing your housing,
  • You live in Douglas or Josephine County, and
  • You only need short-term help to let you live in stable housing.

Even though the name of the program refers to families, you can be a single person and still get services.

Our Process

1. You can call us or stop by our office. The phone number to call is (541) 492-3526 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4085 in Josephine County.

2. We will work with you so you can complete an application.

3. We will help you figure out what you need to provide. If you are missing something, we will work to help you obtain it.

4. Once you complete your application, we will let you know if you qualify.

Some items you will need to apply include:

If you need us to come to you to start the process, we will be happy to do so.