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Utility Help

If you are about to lose your utilities because you haven’t been able to pay your bills, or you are just having a hard time paying your bill, we may be able to pay your bill and keep you connected.

What We Offer

UCAN may be able to pay for part or all of your heating bill. There may be even be times when we can pay for cooling or water bills.

If we are able to help pay your bill, we will also offer help so your bills are lower in the future. We help you learn how you can reduce your bills and may offer kits that contain energy saving supplies.

To Qualify

You can receive this service if:

  • Your income is below a certain amount,
  • You live in Douglas or Josephine County, and,
  • You own a home (including a manufactured home, duplex or condo) or rent (any home where you pay for utilities).

Even if you don’t have housing, you may qualify to get help paying for propane.

Our Process

1. First, call us at (855) 935-2542 or use our on-line calendar to schedule a time to meet with us.

2. At our meeting, we will work with you to complete your application.

3. We’ll send your application back to you for your signature.

4.You will need to send us copies of some items back with your signed application, including:

If we accept your application, you will get a receipt from us showing how much money we have been able to pay your utility.

What If We Can’t Help You?

As much as we’d like to help everyone, funding is limited. But your utility company may have its own program to help you. We have links to area utilities below.