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Utility Assistance

Our utility assistance program helps low-income households by paying for some of their utility costs. The program also helps prevent the loss of home utility service and helps restore service. We pay utility companies on folk’s behalf.


Through this program, we can:

  • Help you pay your energy bills,
  • Help you pay for wood, oil, propane or pellets you need for home heating,
  • Provide education to you so you can lower your energy use and bills,
  • In some cases, provide you items that help you heat or cool your home or clean your home’s air.

We have certain times of the year when we have funds to help pay for bills, and others when we have no funds. The number of payments we can make for your household is limited. We can provide items listed above on a very limited basis, and will announce when we can do so.

To Qualify

We offer this service to those who:

  • Meet income guidelines, and,
  • Live in Douglas or Josephine County.

Our Process

1. You schedule to meet with us by calling 800-301-UCAN or by using the online link above. If you live outside of Roseburg or Grants Pass, we meet from time to time at other outreach locations. Speak to our staff or look at the on-line site to sign up for an outreach location.

2. When we meet, we ask you some questions and complete the form to apply.

3. We have you sign your form either in person or by mail or e-mail.

4. With signed forms, we also need:

5. When we have everything and finish our review, we send you a letter letting you know if you will receive help. If so, the letter states the amount approved and the name of the utility that will receive funds on your behalf.

Other Help

Energy providers may offer you further help, such as payment plans, discounts and other options, info to help you reduce home energy use, as well as discounts and rebates on energy items. Energy Trust of Oregon also offers good info on ways to keep home energy use down, and offers rebates and discounts on certain cooling, heating and air cleaning items.