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Healthy Families

A Long and Winding Road

Healthy Families is a free, home visiting program parents choose to take part in. We offer the program to those who are pregnant or families with newborns. Our trained staff support parents so they can nurture their children, learn about child growth, and obtain needed resources.


If you take part in Healthy Families, you:


  • How your children grow and change over time, and how to support their healthy growth,
  • How to create a strong bond with your child,
  • Ways to support your child’s learning,
  • Ways to work with your child’s feelings and address difficult actions,
  • Ideas to handle your stress,
  • How to keep your child safe.

Get aid to stay healthy and address health issues, including:

  • Help with getting in to see your doctor, dentist, and other health care workers,
  • Facts about health and healthy living,
  • Check-ins on your mental well-being,
  • Advice about foods and meals leading to good health,
  • Help with nursing.

Obtain support for your child’s healthy growth:

  • Regular checks on your child’s weight and height,
  • Regular checks on other ways your child changes, such as gains in speech.

Receive help to plan your family, including:

  • Info about birth control,
  • Support to help you decide how many children you want and when you would like to have your children.

Gain other supports, including:

  • Help with setting your goals,
  • Help planning for needed services, and receiving referrals for services,
  • A chance for you to take part in get-togethers to obtain extra support.

If you are pregnant, you also receive services so you are ready for the birth of your child.

To Qualify

Our Healthy Families Program looks at many factors to decide if the program is a good fit for you (if you are pregnant) or for your family. Healthy Families has no income guidelines.

Our Process

1. Our staff screens you (if you are pregnant) or your family to see if the program is a good fit.

2. You do not need to submit any documents for the screening.

3. If we decide you qualify, we ask you if you want Healthy Families services.

4. If you accept services, we provide service in your home.

5. We provide services for at least three years.

Location and Other Info

We offer our Healthy Families Program to you if you live anywhere in Douglas, Klamath or Lake County.

Other UCAN Home Visiting Programs: UCAN has two other programs that can provide home visits if you are pregnant or have children. Find out more about these programs under Nurse Home Visiting and Early Head Start.

If you think Healthy Families may help you, you can complete this form.

Other Programs

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