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Nurse Home Visiting

Our Nurse Home Visiting Program is a free home visiting program helping those who are pregnant and families with children up to age 21. Our licensed nurses support parents so they are best able to obtain health services for their children, while offering other supports and referrals they need.


Nurse Home Visiting can provide you:

Support for health and healthcare:

  • Help with getting in to see doctors, dentists, and other health care workers,
  • Help making sure medical staff are best meeting your family’s needs,
  • Health education.

Services to strengthen your family:

  • Education about ways to deal with stress,
  • Parenting education.

Support for better nutrition:

  • Nutrition checkups,
  • Info and help with nursing.

Support for your child’s healthy growth:

  • Regular weight checks,
  • Info on how your child grows and changes,
  • Regular checks on other ways your child changes, such as gains in speech.

Help to plan your family:

  • Info on birth control
  • Support to help you decide how many children you want and when you would like to have your children.

If you are pregnant, we support your health during your pregnancy.

To Qualify

You usually obtain this service after someone refers you to us. Our nurses look at many factors to decide whether the program is a good fit for you. Nurse Home Visiting has no income guidelines.

Our Process

1. After we receive a referral, we meet with you to decide if you qualify for services.

2. You do not need to provide any documents to obtain the service.

3. If we decide you qualify, we provide you in-home support.

Folks can fax our nurses at 1 (541) 804-7234 (must dial one first).

Locations for Home Visiting

We offer our Nurse Home Visiting Program to those living anywhere in Douglas County.

Other UCAN Home Visiting Programs: UCAN has two other programs that can provide home visits if you are pregnant or your family has young children. Find out more about these programs under Healthy Families and Early Head Start.

If you think Nurse Home Visiting may help you, you can complete this form.

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