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Mission, Vision, Equity Vision

UCAN is determined to increase prosperity and wellness within our communities by deploying services and programs that target needs such as housing and homelessness, food security, energy efficiency, child development and veteran services. We help stabilize local residents’ lives by helping them address their basic life needs and then equipping them with skills, resources and opportunities to exit poverty.

Our Mission Statement

Creating solutions to poverty, improving lives in our community.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is that every resident we serve has the resources and opportunities needed to reach their full social, civic, and economic potential, to be secure in their own lives and to be vital participants in their communities.

Our Equity Vision Statement

People of color, as well as historically stigmatized groups, face disparities in health, education, and economic outcomes. Because of this, we have a special obligation to promote equity based on race, ethnicity, place of birth, religion, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, economic status, and immigrant status.

As an inclusive and culturally responsive Agency, our leadership, staff, volunteers, friends, and stakeholders together will: