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Fixes to Make Your Home Warmer

If your house needs repairs and improvements to better keep you warm, we may be able to help you free of charge.

What We Offer

If your home needs certain repairs or improvements, we may be able to help you.

We can perform repairs and take measures so your home stays warmer on cold days. When we do this, we can also work so your home is a safer and healthier place for you to live.

To Qualify

You can receive this service if:

  • Your income is below a certain amount
  • You live in Douglas or Josephine County
  • You own or rent a house (including a manufactured home or a duplex)
  • Based on the cost of needed repairs, the work is worthwhile

Our Process

1. You call our office to set up a time for us to meet with you. In Douglas County, our number is (541) 492-3902. In Josephine County, it’s (541) 956-4064.

2. We will place you on our waiting list. Since funding is limited for this service, you may be on our waiting list for a couple of years.

3. Once you reach the top of the list, we will contact you to complete your application.

4. We will send you a copy of the application for your review.

5. If it is okay, you will sign it and return it to us, and send us copies of:

6. Once we have a complete, signed application, our staff will visit your home.

7. We decide what can be done to best keep you warm at the lowest cost. We also see if we can start work on your home, or if we need to wait before work begins.

During our visit, we may be able to also give you an energy kit with items to help you stay warm.

How the Work Is Done

Once we give the okay for work to be done, we arrange for others to come do the work. Work may be done by firms that focus on taking steps that make your house warmer, like adding insulation. Others may be called in to help with the job, including plumbers, electricians and folks who work on heating and cooling units.

When the work is complete, we make sure that it is top quality. We also make sure you know how to use new items and get warranties for them.

Other Help

While we can help you get repairs so your house stays warmer, we don’t offer general repairs for homes. If you need repairs, there are some other places you can try to get help listed below.