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Getting Food

Feeding Umpqua at United Community Action Network

We run the warehouse that supplies food to local pantries and kitchens in Douglas County. You can get several days’ worth of food at pantries. Kitchens offer free meals.

What We Offer

You can get food directly from us depending on where you live. We run the Outpost Mobile Food Center, which brings food to some of our more remote towns. We offer food in:

  • Days Creek
  • Camas Valley
  • Elkton
  • Diamond Lake

If you live in or near one of these towns, you’re welcome to stop by when we visit to pick up fresh produce and fruit, packaged and dry goods, and items from our fridge and freezer.

The Outpost visits on the following days:

  • Elkton – first and third full weeks, Tuesdays
  • Camas Valley – first and third full weeks, Thursdays
  • Days Creek – second and fourth full weeks, Wednesday
  • Diamond Lake – second full week, Friday (Spring-Fall)

If you live in Josephine County, you are welcome to stop by our pantry in Grants Pass. Please call (541) 956-4050 ahead of time to find out when the pantry is open. You can come to the pantry by stopping by our Grants Pass office at 900 SE 8th Street.

To Qualify

You can get food at any pantry as long as you meet income requirements. Kitchens do not have any income requirements.

The Process

If you would like to get food from a pantry:

1. When you show up, you just need to state that you meet the income requirement.

2. Folks at a pantry may ask you a few questions to help them better plan to meet your needs.

3. The pantry may offer you a card to use when you get pantry food, but you don’t need to have a card to get food.

4. Most pantries allow you to select the foods that you need. The only limit you may have is on the number of items of a specific type you can take. Pantries also often have food to help you meet special diet needs.

Ask your local pantry to find out how they can help meet your needs!

If you would like a meal from a kitchen:

1. Just show up when the kitchen is open.

2. Meals may be hot or cold, and you may be able to sit down for your meal or take it home.

3. Some kitchens can make meals to meet some special diet needs.

We suggest you call your kitchen ahead of time to find out how they are operating.