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In Southwest Oregon

We can help with many basic needs in Southwest Oregon. Our clients find
food, housing, energy assistance, weatherization help, WIC and more.

Below are brief descriptions of the many programs offered by UCAN. If you or someone you know needs one of these services, click here to learn more about how to get them.

Head Start at United Community Action Network

Head Start/Early Head Start

Our comprehensive early childhood education program is open to pregnant women and families with young children (ages infant-4 years old). Children not only receive age and developmentally appropriate education from qualified early education teachers, they also obtain developmental and health screenings and regular, nutritious meals. Parents receive services from home visitors as well, and have opportunities to learn how to best support their children. Available in Douglas County.

Healthy Families of Oregon at United Community Action Network

Healthy Families

We offer this evidence-based, voluntary home visiting program for families supporting positive parent child relationships and educational outcomes. Trained staff support and empower parents to build nurturing parent-child relationships, learn about child development, and access community resources. Offered to parents of newborns, services can continue until the child turns three. Available in Douglas, Klamath and Lake County.

Nurse Home Visiting

Our public health nurses provide home visiting services to families with children up to age 21. Families participating in this program generally have children with developmental and health concerns. Nurses perform health assessments, share resources and referrals, help families receive comprehensive health services, and provide education that support families’ goals for their children. Available in Douglas County.

If you are a medical professional, and would like to refer someone for this program, please call us at (541) 440-3622 or e-mail us at

Healthy Start

We offer this program to families experiencing high levels of stress. Staff work within our WIC office to offer families information on healthy development, offer new moms depression screenings and provide basic supplies needed by families. Available in Douglas County.

WIC at United Community Action Network

Women, Infant and Children (WIC)

Our health and nutrition program provides nutritious foods, pregnancy and breastfeeding guidance, nutrition-focused counseling, free health screenings and connections to resources for pregnant and postpartum persons, babies, and children through age 5. Fathers, grandparents and legal guardians of children under 5 can also participate. Available in Douglas County.

Energy Assistance

We offer households help paying their utility bills. Funding may be available to not only cover payments for energy, but also for water and other utilities. At times, this program also offers energy education and energy kits to households so they are better able to reduce their energy bills. Offered in both Douglas and Josephine County.


We provide households weatherization measures like added insulation and related repairs that can lower energy bills while improving the health and safety of residents. At times, households also receive education and energy kits helping them to keep their energy bills low. Available in Douglas and Josephine County.

Housing Stabilization Services

We help those who lack homes obtain housing and those at-risk of losing housing keep their housing. We offer rent and mortgage assistance programs to help households pay their monthly housing costs. Our case managers can meet with individuals to support development of personal goals. We can provide assistance in obtaining important documentation, such as photo id’s, so individuals can qualify for housing and benefits. In some cases, we are able to provide items critical to meeting basic needs, and help cover initial move-in expenses. Offered in both Douglas and Josephine County.

Feeding Umpqua at United Community Action Network

Emergency Food Services

Feeding Umpqua, our Douglas County regional food bank, provides emergency food to pantries and kitchens throughout Douglas County. Feeding Umpqua operates our own mobile pantry, the Outpost, serving remote communities in Douglas County. We also operate a food pantry in Grants Pass.

Nutrition Programs

Feeding Umpqua also offers different services to promote healthy eating. These include food demonstrations, Cooking Matters and Food Hero @ The Farmers’ Market. Food demonstrations show folks how to prepare veggies and fruits, like rutabagas, that many of us have little experience preparing. Trained volunteers offer Cooking Matters classes, in which folks learn about nutrition, how to shop for healthy foods, and how to prepare healthy meals. Food Hero @ The Farmers’ Market offers children fun activities while they learn about nutrition, food and health. Families take home kits containing Farmers’ Market foods and recipes. Available in Douglas County.

Veteran Services

We offer Supportive Services for Veteran Families, a program funded by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Funds are made available to us by ACCESS. We help households headed by a veteran where the household is homeless or at-risk of losing their home. Our case managers meet with veteran families to assess their situation and help them plan to address their needs. In addition to helping families get housing, we also provide various supports, link families to services, and help them get benefits. Available in Douglas and Josephine County.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

In coordination with transportation brokerages, UCAN has volunteer drivers that take individuals on the Oregon Health Plan to non-emergency healthcare appointments. We bring folks to medical, dental, mental health providers, as well as to pharmacies. If someone needs assistance from a health aide, they can travel as well. Available in Douglas, Josephine County and Coos County.

Medicare Education (SHIBA)

Some of our AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers obtain certification to serve as Medicare counselors. Our volunteer counselors help those approaching 65 and those already Medicare-eligible review various Medicare plans, helping folks make their own decisions on what plans best meet their needs. This program also provides information alerting households to scams and overcharges. Available in Douglas and Josephine County.

Representative Payee Services

UCAN Money Management offers three representative payee services. We can enroll residents in more than one service. Contact with program participants occurs regularly.

UCAN’s Bill-Pay service is for those who can make their own decisions about their personal finances, but need help keeping on track.

UCAN’s Payee service is for those who cannot manage their own federal benefits such as Social Security and VA. We help these residents manage day-to-day financial tasks.

UCAN’s Income Cap Trust service helps people who require Medicaid services who are not eligible for Medicaid because their income exceeds the Medicaid income cap. This service enables residents to become Medicaid eligible, with their income placed in a trust account that they do not control. UCAN becomes the trustee for the accounts.

We typically receive referrals for these services, and may have a waiting list depending on the number of referrals.

Tax Aide

Some of our AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers are certified to provide tax assistance. Our volunteers provide free tax assistance and filing. During the off-season, they also can help answer questions about taxes. Tax Aide benefits our local communities by helping households to obtain refunds and annual tax credits which they in turn use to support local economies. Available in Douglas and Josephine County.

Shelter and Support

UCAN is currently offering low-barrier shelters for homeless residents of Douglas and Josephine County. Rather than have many requirements that often keep people from using the shelters, UCAN simply requires guests to act in ways that create a positive living environment while participating in housing placement services. In Roseburg, UCAN operates the Gary Leif Navigation Center for the City of Roseburg. This shelter offers services during the day provided by partner organizations to help meet guests’ various needs. We also operate both the Grants Pass shelter and Foundry Village in Grants Pass. The Grants Pass shelter has twenty-five rooms, while Foundry Village has 17 private units with a separate shared community room with showers, bathrooms, kitchen facilities and a laundry room. The goal for all of our shelter operations is to help guests find permanent housing solutions in a timely manner.

Wildfire Recovery Services

UCAN is working with Glide Revitalization to provide assistance to Glide area residents who were impacted by the Archie Creek fire in 2020. Through this program, we offer or connect residents with a range of assistance that is voluntary, individualized, and culturally appropriate. Some of the assistance potentially available through this program include rental assistance and related supports as well as damaged housing replacement, rehabilitation, and reconstruction incentives. All assistance is made available with the goal of having residents move from temporary to permanent housing.

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